Investing in real estate can be a huge deal when you are a fresher, new to the world of investing. To a fresher it can be risky or unsustainable causing many worries as they are not well versed with the market movement and lack knowledge of Dubai real estate market. If right steps are taken before investing in Dubai real estate it won’t seem risky to you anymore. Work with the correct professionals to ensure you are not rushing while buying a property or investing into one.

 Few steps to keep in mind before investing into a real estate can be as follows:

• GROUNDWORK Now days one can get insights about anything with easy clicks from your home. Before investing into any property make sure you have a proper information about it. Gather proper information about the developers/development areas etc. developers with good track record / information about popular areas/safe areas and much more of your concern. Read about development and buildings, research about service charges/ registration fee & long-term payment plan. Connect with experienced real estate agents to get more information about real estate and financials attached to the investments.

• DO NOT OVER-CREDIT Before investing into any property, having some funds saved in any form be it money, gold, cars which can be tangible too. In Dubai it works as a buffer for you under any unseen or unexpected circumstances like delay in leasing. Resulting your investment will give you good returns & you won’t suffer short-term downfall which occurs in the market.

• EXPERT ADVICE Taking an expert’s advice guides you through the investment plans searching online may give you the idea but not a thorough introduction to the real estate world. One ends up making wrong decisions by not taking an expert’s advice. An expert has skills which helps you both save times & money, the real estate will give you guidance in property pricing /location/repute developers/better payment plan options, negotiation skills that will make you take the right decisions.

• CORRECT DOCUMETATION Always ensure that you take your real estate agent’s advice before signing any sales & purchase documents especially if you are a first time buyer, as some of them run from 30-40 pages.]

• While investing in your “dream home” you end up making quick decisions without taking any real estate agent’s advice or doing a proper research and you end up making payments which results in either making a huge loss as an investor or you end up paying more for the property or not getting what you had anticipated. Discuss everything with your real estate agent before proceeding. 

You may also end up letting go of good deal without having a quality knowledge about properties.

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